Our objective,
your growth.

Serving businesses & industries 4.0

Our objective,
your growth.
Our skills

Our skills

We define and apply a global strategy with a long-term vision. The diversity of experiences and the multilingualism of our employees allows us to support you everywhere in the world.

Prospecting & e-prospecting

Prospecting & e-prospecting

Outsourced sales force

Digital transformation

Consulting & Implementation CRM / ERP

Community Management

Network management & e-prospecting

Purchasing & Sourcing

Optimization of your purchases/procurements with an international vision

Brand Strategy

Build and develop your brand with our support

Competitive Intelligence & Influence

Strategy analysis and definition


Train for more autonomy and responsibility

International mobility

Collaborators more available, mobile and multilingual

Management & Acquisition

Management & Acquisition

Entrepreneurship is an adventure evolving with opportunities and intuitions.
This division is the result of the acquisition or creation of companies with high added value.
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Since 2016 we support contractors in their business development and growth. Consolidation of 30 years of expertise and experience, our strategy revolves around an innovative global approach integrating communication, marketing, business development, influence, investment and training.

Our DNA is the result from the acquisition or creation of companies with high added value. Motley, it reflects the audacity of our entrepreneurial vision and that of our partners.


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